I've been doing this a long time, since 1982 to be exact.  Designing analog circuits has been my passion these past 41 years.  As a classically trained engineer, I really dug into discrete transistor circuits, especially non-linear applications (multipliers, current mirrors), buying and reading every book I could get my hands on.  This later morphed into vacuum tubes, where I continued to devour information, studying mountains of schematics and data sheets.  Working at several companies along the way, I gained experience in a number of relevant areas, not just analog, but also RF, power, communications, instrumentation, and software.  Most pedal designers are self-taught, knowing nothing beyond copying and modifying existing guitar circuits.  Ask them to create something out of their comfort zone (say a television or pacemaker) and they go blank.  I'm different.  My broad knowledge of circuits and tricks allows me to bring innovation and novelty to the scene.  

My tube pedals are designed using high quality components including polypropylene capacitors, metal film resistors, and high temperature electrolytics.  Enclosures are custom designed folded-aluminum, covered with a robust powdercoat.  An advanced boost converter (ABC) generates the high voltage required for proper tube operation, allowing for incredible gain and headroom.  

Each pedal is hand-built in the USA. Carefully designed circuit boards and enclosures are optimized for minimal wiring, insuring consistency and low noise, suitable for recording purposes.  Controls are fine tuned such that each knob has an intuitive feel providing a useful range, but without trying to go too far.  Dialing in a variety of tones is intuitive and straightforward, with no explanation necessary.

I do not copy or clone other people's work. Ideas may get borrowed, but they are changed in some unusual or novel way, creating something new. I strive to bring innovation and originality to the pedal market through clever and unique design. Everyone else makes a Klon clone, I do not. 

I grew up playing trumpet, got pretty good too. The experience playing in jazz bands (and a symphony) really struck a chord, and today still guides me in everything I do. Here I am in my old lab (circa 2005) still trying to make it happen...