Fuzz - Transistor Fuzz Pedal
Fuzz - Transistor Fuzz Pedal
Fuzz - Transistor Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz - Transistor Fuzz Pedal

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FUZZ is a modified and corrected version of the classic two-transistor Fuzz-Face (Tone Bender Mk1) with a buffered TONE control added. Although the legendary circuit was brilliantly simple and sounds wonderful, it has a few drawbacks; notably low input impedance, sensitivity to transistor gain and temperature. Over the years people have attempted various improvements such as transistor sorting and adjustable bias, but these are band-aids and only go so far. FUZZ tackles both problems with fundamental circuit modifications, improving low-level linearity, bias stability, and increasing input impedance by a factor of ten. You no longer have to put this pedal first in the chain, as most pedals will be able to drive it (such as a wah)! The warm, asymmetrical clipping and range of tones of the original are preserved.


  • True bypass
  • 30dB maximum gain
  • 50k ohm input impedance
  • 55Hz to 8kHz bandwidth
  • 9V to 15V @ 2mA power






  • "I still don’t know how you got your fuzz pedal to be so quiet, outstanding, still use it as my main fuzz!"
  • "I have to say that I am floored. It's one of the best fuzz pedals I've ever tried. I own quiet a frw fuzz box, and this stands right next to my top two fuzzes."