Tsar Face - Germanium Fuzz pedal
Tsar Face - Germanium Fuzz pedal
Tsar Face - Germanium Fuzz pedal

Tsar Face - Germanium Fuzz pedal

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TSAR FACE is a low-gain germanium PNP transistor-based fuzz pedal that embodies the greatest circuit improvement since the original was introduced 60 years ago. The addition of my novel two-transistor output bias stabilization circuit eliminates the need for transistor gain sorting or manual adjustments, reducing temperature issues as well. The BIAS control lets you adjust output DC voltage of the fuzz core from centered (equal clipping top / bottom of waveform) to offset, a more traditional fuzz tone. This control does not take you into fart territory, though. All settings on this pedal allow for a nice clean, sparkly tone with guitar volume dialed back. The SAG control sets the response time of the stabilization circuit, similar to the recovery time of a compressor. A buffered TONE control offers up both treble boost and cut, delivering a wide range of tonality. Input impedance is greatly raised, thanks to a trick I came up with in my silicon FUZZ pedal, allowing TSAR FACE to be used with humbuckers or placed after other pedals.

This pedal sort of came about by accident. I noticed a Ukrainian guy was trying to sell off parts on facebook (in order to survive the war), so I bought a large stash of Soviet-era MP41A germanium transistors from him. Anyhow, I spent the summer cooking up this new circuit, because everything I do has to be unique. Hope you like it!

Isolated power supply recommended.


  • True bypass
  • 24dB maximum gain
  • 9V to 15V @ 2mA power