Tubekløn - Mythical Beast Tube Pedal
Tubekløn - Mythical Beast Tube Pedal
Tubekløn - Mythical Beast Tube Pedal

Tubekløn - Mythical Beast Tube Pedal

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TUBEKLØN is the world's first tube-based mythical beast overdrive pedal interpretation. After deconstructing the classic design, the minimum gain flat bandwidth feature was removed, instead offering up that sweet midrange boost as the new minimum gain tone. Based on my NEOKLØN architecture, the diode/opamp clipping stage was replaced by a triode, as was the summing stage, which now drives a passive tilt style tone control. The entire circuit is recreated using five transistors, two triodes, and zero opamps. Tonality is same as the original, except at high gain, where you get real tube breakup and sag, instead of opamp clipping.

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  • True bypass
  • 9V @ 130mA power




  • "Hot damn! Now, that's a fantastic pedal. I typically do not care much for Klon-style pedals, and I have tried many of them, but this pedal really sounds killer. This is my favorite pedal from you so far."
  • "This sounds great! Really love how it handles a pedal pushing into it. I have many Klones and have played through a KTR. Your design seems a bit different in the upper mids; there's a nice clarity in yours that pairs well with the Klon lower mid grunt. I really like it! Your tone control seems better too; I like the frequency range."
  • "This pedal made my hand built Klone sound thin, synthetic, harsh, and just pathetic... The texture is warm and harmonic throughout. I'm a huge fan of AU7's for the headroom and tonality. I think you nailed it... It's a killer pedal. Well done."