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SE2 - Single-Ended 2W Amplifier
SE2 - Single-Ended 2W Amplifier
SE2 - Single-Ended 2W Amplifier
SE2 - Single-Ended 2W Amplifier

SE2 - Single-Ended 2W Amplifier

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The SE2 is a boutique hand-built 2W single-ended guitar amplifier based on an EL84 operating in triode mode for low output impedance and improved speaker damping. Designed especially for studio work, the SE2 provides warm, thick, lush, weighty, solid, and responsive tone. Originally offered as a Kickstarter project, the SE2 is now available factory-direct.

The SE2 is fully built and tested, designed to fit perfectly into a popular Tweed Deluxe cabinet clone (available from many sources). It’s a simple proposition: buy this amplifier, add a cabinet and speaker of your choice, and you can bolt together a very fine custom rig.

The SE2 is now available with it's own custom hand-built pine cabinet (16 x 7 x 6). Please specify 120VAC or 240VAC when ordering. 

S pecifications

  • 1W output power @ 8Ω (2W dirty)
  • 1 x 12AX7 and 1 x EL84 tube complement.
  • Tone plus input / output volume controls
  • Headphone output
  • 14 x 4 x 4.5 inches, 6 pounds
  • 120VAC @ 20W (North America)
  • Includes power cord, tubes

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Why triode? Triode connection provides much better linearity and lower output impedance (compared to pentode) resulting in better speaker control and damping. Bass isn't mushy; it remains tight and tuneful. Pentode mode offers more power. So take your pick, volume or tone. With the SE2 you end up hearing more guitar and less amp.

Why single-ended? Operating single-ended delivers consonant even-order harmonics, generating a lusher and fuller sound, like playing a major chord. By comparison, push-pull is all odd-order harmonics, which are dissonant, leading to a shrill, harsh bite.

Why only 2W? It's actually not bad, about half as loud as your typical 15W amp. Perfect for practicing without aggravating your neighbor. When recording or practicing you don't need your ears to bleed! Two volume controls individually adjust preamp and output stage gains. Get dirty overdrive at low volume.