Half Watt - Tube Amplifier
Half Watt - Tube Amplifier
Half Watt - Tube Amplifier
Half Watt - Tube Amplifier
Half Watt - Tube Amplifier
Half Watt - Tube Amplifier

Half Watt - Tube Amplifier

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HALF WATT is an all-tube micro-amp intended for practice or studio work. It will easily drive any speaker cabinet (or none at all) without impedance or stability issues. A convenient headphone output allows for quiet practice (or for connection to DAW or PA). Superb sound with plenty of clean headroom, excellent with pedals. For more of an edge-of-breakup characteristic, try a 12AX7 as the preamp tube. 

Check out our new REACTOR reactive load specifically designed for this amplifier!


  • 0.5W clean @8Ω (1.5W dirty)
  • 1 x 12AY7 and 1 x 12BH7
  • Bass, Treble, and Volume controls
  • Headphone output
  • 65Hz to 6kHz bandwidth
  • 5 ohm output impedance
  • 200V internal tube supply
  • 6 x 6 x 4 inches
  • 15Vdc @800mA (included)





  • "I got the half watt amp and I’m loving it completely. Been using Sennheiser HD 600s with it to just mess around on my guitar, been really fun!"
  • "It’s now my 'go to' mini-amp these days because I love the tone so much!"
  • "After a lot of careful research, I purchased and have been playing the half watt Hagerman Amp for about two weeks. The best info I found was on Gear Page for Hagerman Amps. I also own other half watt to five watt hand-built tube amps, as I love to plug different tube amps into different style speaker cabinets (Alnico vs ceramic and 10” vs 12”). Many more options available, than a combo amp. The half watt Hagerman Amp has been a wonderful surprise, as it sounds very musical, and can easily drive my 12” Celestion Vintage 30 speaker cabinet. Sweet! The best feature is that you can use the EQ and volume control knobs, beyond the usual 10-2 o’clock settings as on most amps, and really dial in a warm & robust tone. Each guitar and cabinet combo requires different EQ settings and this amp allows you to tailor each to taste. It doesn’t sound like any other amp, it sounds like a Hagerman Amp."
  • "Awesome head!! Sounds great clean. Sounds great on break up and very pedal friendly!!"
  • "This is the bedroom amp I have dreamed of for so long. Thank you thank you thank you! It’s a game changer loving in an apartment."
  • "Jim! This 0.5 watt amp is insane. How did you manage to keep it sounding so clean? Haha. It’s by far the best low watt pedal platforms I’ve ever used. Usually these amps get kinda flabby sounding when you crank them up but the jam track and isolated tones (with pedals) are fantastic. Great job!"