Thermionic Reinforcer - 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Pedal
Thermionic Reinforcer - 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Pedal
Thermionic Reinforcer - 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Pedal

Thermionic Reinforcer - 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Pedal

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THERMIONIC REINFORCER is the complete tube preamplifier section of my PP12 made into a pedal, offering up blistering tube tone and enough drive to bypass an effects loop. A second footswitch selects CLIP mode; either traditional tube saturation, or my novel high-gain tube clipper stage. Tubes are run at high voltage! Unique to this preamplifier is a tone control (CONTOUR) prior to clipping stages, akin to placing a Klon or Tube Screamer in front, improving your punch through a mix.

Use this pedal to add more channels to your existing amplifier or bless a solid-state power section with honest tube tone. 


  • True bypass
  • 38dB maximum gain
  • 2 x 12AX7 tubes (included)
  • Contour, Drive, Bass, Treble, Level controls
  • 25Hz to 8kHz bandwidth
  • 4Vrms output signal
  • 9V @ 700mA power (included)




  • "Just wanted to let you know the Thermionic Reinforcer arrived safely earlier this week. It's a quality piece of kit. I'm really enjoying how neutral the tonality is. You're not fighting the EQ straight off the bat, trying to find home ground and feeling like something is missing in the process. It's clear, articulate and very playable. There's not a bad sound in it!"
  • "I wanted to let you know the Thermionic Reinforcer is an absolutely amazing circuit. The pedal fell into my lap and I couldn’t be happier. The TR is more than super versatile. It took me a second to grasp the massiveness of the contour control. That single control is genius. The possibilities of tone are seemingly endless because of the contour control. Great work."
  • "I loved the bass and treble controls, and the contour control also. Great pedal to run in front of any amp..."
  • "Just got my Thermionic Reinforcer. I ordered it last Saturday night and it arrived today. Plugged it in right away. It blew my mind on the first note I picked! I knew it was going to be good, but it far exceeds the expectations that I had. I am using it as a preamp into two little class D amps (Mooer Baby Bombs) in stereo (my bedroom rig). It is whisper quiet, and has power to spare. This is, by far, the best pedal I have ever owned. Thank you, Mr. Hagerman - you da’ man!"
  • "I don’t know how you do it but this has to be the best preamp in a pedal that I’ve ever played through. So many sweet spots and I’m totally blown away by the dynamics and overall feel. It really does respond like an amp. Excellent!!!! Thank you so much.
  • "That was very fast shipping, thanks! Still figuring out the pedal but it's certainly the most touch sensitive pedal I have. Sounds very amp like."
  • "Just wanted to send you some early feedback..."